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The eMailgate web site is dedicated to battle spam by helping people to protect their email addresses against email crawlers, also known as "spambots".

A spambot is a program similar to the web-crawlers used by search engines to index the web. The main difference is that spambots search and store all the email addresses it encounters while crawling the web. There are several commercial as well as free spambots available, ranging from the most simple crawlers to integrated group mailers with highly sophisticated methods of detecting email addresses within a web page. Since spambots provides free updated lists of email addresses they have quickly become the favorite choice for spammers.

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In March 2003 the "Center for Democracy & Technology Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Research" was conducted, which confirms that the web is the single largest source for spammers to obtain email addresses. You should never publish your email address unprotected on the web. You can read the complete report here. Over the years spambots have learned to recognize the most common email disguises such as human readable formats ( example<at>domain<dot>com ) or HTML numerals ( &#101;&#120;&#097;&#109;). This make these simple protection methods obsolete and you are required to use more secure methods such as javascripts or contact forms.

Why do I need eMailgate?
eMailgate provides protection for your email addresses using a combination of javascript powered encryption and mailto redirect together with html forms making your email non detectable by any kind of spambot today. For maximum secrecy and protection you can disable the mailto redirect feature in your eMailgate and only use the contact form. Your email address will then never be displayed or disclosed to any visitors or future spambots. eMailgate can easily be used on any web page, blog or message board instead of publishing your email address. eMailgate is sponsor financed and free of charge for use of up to two emailgates. Banners or links to our sponsors may be displayed on the emailgate web pages. No unsolicited emails from eMailgate or its sponsors will ever be sent to you or anyone using your eMailgate. If you want to use eMailgate for professional purposes you can upgrade to a premium account allowing you to disable sponsor banners and add an unlimited number of eMailgates to your account.

eMailgate is easy to use
Each emailgate gets its own unique http address that you can publish on the web. Here are some example emailgate uses:

(These are test accounts, your message will be discarded when posted.)
Standard form    http://yourname.emailgate.org
Mailto redirect    http://yourname.emailgate.org/mailto
It is also possible to use customized forms to create your own contact forms on your web pages.
Custom form    example form

For more information on available parameters and functions, click here.
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